Clients’ Comments

~ “You have such a calming voice and way that you guide so it is very relaxing and easy to get centered. I have been doing this meditation every night for the last week and LOVE it!  It is so calming for me. Tonight after it was over I sat in my pose for another five or so minutes and had total peace wash over my emotions.” (Guided Meditations)

~ “Thank you for your kind nature and healing hands, AND for the better health you given me every time I have seen you!! Truly thankful!”

~ “Laura has a rare combination of a full understanding of kinesiology and a very effective intuitive sense of healing. She guided me out of years of recurring running injuries. She’s the best!” (Individualized Yoga)

~ “Laura’s healing touch gently guides my mind away from the chaos of everyday life and back into my body, helping me to feel incredibly whole and grounded while simultaneously relieving pent-up stress, anxiety, and tension. I walk away from each session with a sense of well-being that stays with me day to day.”

~ “As a doctor in Jackson Hole for over 20 years, Laura has been my ‘go to’ person to help everyone achieve optimal health.  She is the best at what she does and has a passion for health that is amazing. You will be happy you met her and she comes with my highest recommendation. Best, Dr. Mark”

~ “I know the Reiki Laura gave me made a difference in my recovery from surgery. I was unusually calm before and after my surgery; I didn’t need much pain medicine; and I went home a day before I was expected to.” (Remote Reiki)

~ “I couldn’t receive any relief from a root canal until Laura’s Reiki massage. It felt like a black cloud of pain disappearing.”

~ “Like a divining rod to water, Laura can sense where you need attention and determine the best technique to soothe, cleanse and nourish your body. Her combination of knowledge and sensitivity results in the best massage experience anyone could ask for.”

~ “Laura has done lymphatic drainage therapy, massage, acupressure and Reiki on me. When I first came to see her, I was suffering from chronic pain and fatigue. Since then, Laura has helped me gain relief from pain and a lot more energy. I have seen endless bodyworkers in my life and I have never felt as comfortable or received lasting relief as I have with Laura. She is intuitive, gentle, nurturing and has a real gift for bodywork. She always listens to how I am feeling and also listens to what my body tells her.”

~ “I went through a detox and Laura’s lymphatic work really sped along my process without making me feel sick. I found my sessions with Laura so beneficial that my brother, sister and mom all scheduled appointments with Laura and continue to do so.”

~ “I want to tell you that you are the most amazing [healing assistant] I have ever come across and I have come across probably more than anybody else on the planet! You have healed me physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. You have a real gift that you deliver so humbly and lovingly. Thank you.”

~ “I had a terrible headache due to allergies, and after Laura provided lymphatic drainage massage to my head and neck, my headache was gone and the pressure in my nasal passages was gone.”

~ “Laura’s massages are not only extremely relaxing but they also provide a healing, spiritual experience. She’s so talented at making her clients feel peaceful and calm.”

~ “For 2 months I had a super swollen lymph node the was rock hard and the size of a thumb in my neck.  I tried everything I could think of… changing my diet, using a re-bounder to get my lymph system stimulated, etc and nothing made it dissipate even in the slightest.  My naturopath recommended I see Laura Garrard and have her do lymphatic massage on me. This was my first lymphatic session and she used very light touch on my neck… almost unnoticeable.  Half way through the session I was so relaxed and calm I fell asleep and woke up when she was finished and felt a wonderful energy and warmth around my head and neck. I got up from the table and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. To my amazement it was already half the size it was when I walked in to the appointment. This super stubborn lymphatic block was FINALLY releasing… I was so excited. By the end of that day the whole thing had dissolved and my neck finally looked normal after months of worrying and racking my brain about what to do. Thanks Laura for your amazing gift of healing and for taking a worrisome issue out of my life!”

~ “As a result of Laura’s scar tissue work, I now have full range of motion in my leg and hip and full flexibility of the tissues on and near my scars. . . . I no longer experience pain in the scar area, and the area is no longer indented.”

~ “When I first experienced the benefits of Reiki, I knew Laura would be an excellent practitioner to study with. Her personal and confident manner created a fun learning experience, and Laura also found an idyllic outdoor setting that helped me appreciate the connection we all have to the concepts taught through Reiki. Thanks Laura!” (Reiki Study)